Felt, Flowers & Candle Holders

Over the last few weeks Creative Cafe have been getting crafty with some cute D.I.Y’s. Introducing  quick and easy tea light holders that would be the ideal handmade gift.


The Creative Cafe gang also enjoyed a new addition to our timetable – Textiles! New Independent Arts practitioner Mandy Bangerter brought along a beautiful array of scrap fabrics and taught us all how to make fabric flowers. These could be used as napkin rings or as an embellishment to any item or clothing. Picture a plain tote bag with these lovely additions at either end of the strap.


Finally, the ladies were presented with a wonderful surprise. Previously, a few of the Creative Cafe goers had created their own individual garden scene out of felt during an Art session. Independent Arts Art practitioner Marilyn Bersey has been busy stitching all these scenes together and created the most spectacular wall hanging!


We couldn’t be prouder of the wonderful work our group creates each week, what a talented bunch. If you would like to join the fun we meet every Monday morning 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Newport Methodist Church Hall on Quay Street. Sessions are free with tea, coffee and biscuits provided however, donations are always welcome.

See you there!


“We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words.” – John Fowles

Last month at Creative Cafe, the group enjoyed a Creative Writing session run by one of our talented practitioners Ann Emery. The group tried their hand at poetry writing with the theme ‘Time’ at it’s heart.  For some, this was their first time putting pen to paper and the results were astonishing!

The group worked together bouncing ideas around the table and created two fantastic pieces of writing. The first poem was inspired by listening to the classic song ‘Catch a Falling Star’. The poem is titled ‘Putting in my Pocket’. The second poem is titled ‘The Colours of Time’.


Putting in my Pocket

That embroidered Majorca handkerchief,

Little dog Max

One photograph of my complete family

My crochet hook

Pen and paper

Small book of words

The twinkle of my daughter’s eye

My mother’s smile

A pocketful of time

Written by members of the Creative Cafe,  July 2017


The Colours of Time

Yellow and gold

Romantic walks on harbour wall,

Ancient ships rocking to the

Rhythm of our hearts, promises

Made within the magic of

The moment.

Rainbow bright

Colouring in the days,

Celebratory carnival of life,

Children playing on the beach

Living it up – before it is all

Too late


Repetitive, like a wind up

Gramophone, meandering and

Swaying along, remembering

Other places, and seagulls, making

Strange noises


Walking, through fields, woods

Wild flowers, showers of rain

Rustling leafy hedges, till leaning

On a gate, one

Panoramic view.


Night time, disturbed nights,

Waking too early. Listening to

Cats fighting, and somewhere, 

Lemon and dark sugar mixed

Bitter sweet.


Odourless, till we give it a reason

To come alive. Days, nights, arching

Across the sky. Stretch too long or

Shrink too short – can you

Tell the time yet?

Created by participants at  the Creative Cafe July 2017




What can you expect from Creative Cafe this Summer – Autumn?

We have a range of activities on offer over the next few months.

Join us on Monday mornings 10am – 12pm at  Newport Methodist Church Hall, Quay Street. Sessions are completely FREE and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided too!

Any questions just give us a call 01983 822437.

Monday 17th July Animal Quiz
Monday 24th July iPads
Monday 31st July Art & Craft
Monday 7th August Mindful Chair Yoga
Monday 14th August Kurling
Monday 21st August Textiles
Monday 28th August CLOSED – BANK HOLIDAY
Monday 4th September Creative Writing
Monday 11th September Art & Craft
Monday 18th September Photography
Monday 25th September Mindful Chair Yoga
Monday 2nd October Quiz
Monday 9th October Creative Dance
Monday 16th October iPads

Creative Cafe members took a trip back in time.

This month saw the group enjoy some local history with a talk about The Needles Old Battery by one of our own Hannah Griffiths; whose rich background in heritage had us all hooked.


Following on members also enjoyed an introduction to Island archaeology by Timetaxi CIC and The Archaeology Discovery Centre. The session invited the group to practice the art of excavation using rocks and items found from around the island.


A Spring Roundup

With the arrival of some warmer, brighter weather, it has been wonderful to see some new faces at Creative Cafe over the past few weeks. The group have been busy with art & craft, creative writing, photography, iPads and yoga.

During the craft session, the group created some beautifully decorated plant pots, with freesia seeds buried beneath the soil. Creativity has also been in abundance at our creative writing sessions with the following pieces being shared with the group:

Inside My Survival Box by Frances – Creative Cafe March 2017

Books, pens, paper

Warmth from the sun

Silver gleams of moon and stars

In my Survival Box.

Friendship, memories of loving

People. Days gone by and

Days to come

In my survival box.

Sight and the phone

Ringing. Bread and cheese

Sunshine, blue skies, green fields

In my survival box

Trees blossoming, winter

Bare branches, wonderful skyline

Being busy – wanted – needed

In my survival box


Magic  – what does it mean to you? by members of the Creative Cafe, March 2017

A mystery of long ago

Deep and dark, not understood

Something – extraordinary

Full of characters, strange to us.

Magic – stupid stuff

Tricks on stage and that

Man in a tall hat – performing

But where do the doves come from?

Purity of childhood

A moment of beauty

Secret Islands, mystical lands

Magic – I don’t believe it.



Creative Writing: Magic Box

The group at Creative Cafe were delighted to welcome Ann Emery along for another wonderful Creative Writing session. The theme was the ‘Magic Box’, inspired by the poem written by Kit Wright. (If you’re not familiar with the piece you can find it in the book Cat Among the Pigeons published by Penguin. Using this theme offers a superb way to introduce new or nervous writers to poetry.

The Creative Writing session was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we are delighted that one of our participants was eager to share her poem with us.

An Introduction

What to put in my box…anything goes, she said

A portrait of an angel, the duvet from my bed,

The theme had to be magic, include my hopes and dreams

A memory or feeling perhaps, from my childhood or teens.


So, here it goes, I will give it a try

Though I’m a little anxious and unsure

Of finding the key to unlocking the magic

That lurks beyond the solid, foreboding door.


Magic Box by Lee Doherty

I will place in my box a picture of Cliff

His warm smile and music, the ultimate gift.


I will put into my box a slender, cool length of fine, gold chain,

Letting it trickle through my fingers like cold, droplets of rain


I will put into my box the aroma of fish and chips

Memories wrapped in newspaper of broken relationships


I will put into my box a warm, serene scene

With seagulls squawking and reeling overhead

And kids licking away at their candy-topped ice-creams


I will put into my box, Tibbles my old cat

His adorable meow, how I now miss the comforting sound of that


I will put into my box the soothing lullaby sounds

Of majestic waves lightly slapping timbers of the great boats they have found


A harbour glittering at twilight, the stealing of a daring kiss,

Promises made in earnest, the magic spell impossible to resist.



Image sourced from Giphy.com

An artistic start to the year

What a superb start to the year! The group at creative cafe have been dancing in our brand new Creative Dance session, created some lovely paper crafts, and tried their hands at creating pastel drawings of fruit and flowers.

Our art & craft sessions at Creative Cafe include a variety of themes and materials, and everyone is welcome to join in. Marilyn and the group are planning to work on a collaborative piece in the next session.

The group were also delighted to welcome Glenn back to Creative Cafe after a thoroughly enjoyable charcoal portrait session a few months ago. Armed with huge sheets of paper, pastels and pencils, Glenn introduced the session’s theme: still life. After a quick demonstration, the group set to work and quickly produced some superb pieces. With music from the gramophone drifting through the cafe, the slightly grey Monday morning was brought to life. Everyone was in good spirits, and although they may have got a little dirty along the way, the results were truly fantastic…. and who cares about a little mess anyway!?