What happens at Creative Cafe?

Creative Cafe offers a friendly environment for people to meet and make friends and have a go at arts-based activities including Yoga, Get Going with iPads, Art & Craft, New Age Kurling, Creative Writing and Photography. We also have 10 iPads, a card craft ‘station’ and mindfulness colouring books available every week for people to enjoy.

Since launching in February 2015 we have hosted a variety of creative activities and aim to provide something for everyone. We are always trying to add new and exciting activities to our programme and welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Creative Cafe sessions.

Creative Cafe Activities

Get Going with iPads: iPads are a fantastic tool for all ages but many people feel a little a little overwhelmed when trying to get their head around modern technology. Our jargon free and informal sessions will help you to explore all that these amazing tablets have to offer. Whether you want to Skype family in Australia, get to grips with social media and emailing, want a handy tool for online shopping or just want to play with the amazing apps that are available our iPad sessions offer something for everyone. Our iPads are here at Creative Cafe every Monday so come along and give it a try!

FullSizeRender copy 3

Art & Craft: these sessions offer a variety of different crafts to suit all abilities. Whether you’re a keen knitter, dabble in watercolours, or simply want to try your hand at crochet, paper craft, painting, sewing, or modelling crafts then we have something for you. Our highly skilled practitioner Liz themes sessions to suit the seasons, holidays and major events making these sessions enjoyable for all.  Just take a look at these photos from our Easter craft session earlier this year:

Yoga: Start your day with a gentle and relaxing yoga routine with our qualified instructor Judy. Our movement sessions are tailored to individuals needs and many of the exercises are chair-based making this session superbly inclusive for all.


Creative Writing: Unleashing imaginative ideas and creating poetry, short stories, and starting a memoir are just some of the the themes in our Creative Writing sessions. Accompanied by ‘Henry Bear’ our practitioner Ann is a skilled community writer that offers workshops and exercises to help get those ideas down on to paper.

Reminiscence: More than just a chat about the ‘good old days’ our reminiscence sessions and quizzes spur conversation on a range of topics from local history, childhood memories and toys, war time, the seasons, holidays and traditions. Our practitioner Mary has a wonderful collection of artefacts and items that prompts discussion. The use of iPads in these sessions are superb for watching film clips, listening to music/sound bites and searching for photographs.


Photography: We host photography sessions throughout the year using a range of cameras and iPads. Our practitioner Mark has a wonderful way of explaining how to get the very best from your camera and leaves out all the unnecessary tech jargon that leaves most of us confused!


New Age Kurling: Highly competitive and great fun too, New Age Kurling was inspired by the sport seen in the Winter Olympics (don’t worry – we keep it ice free at Creative Cafe!) The aim of the game is to beat the opposing team by achieving the highest score. There are a number of different games you can play with the ‘stones’ but here at Creative Cafe we play by the ‘archery rules’. Getting your stone on to the mat will earn you 2 points. Hit that bulls eye and you’ll get the top score of 10 points. Let the games commence!


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