Kurling gets competitive!

We enjoyed a superb New Age Kurling session last week at Creative Cafe and competitive spirit was high among the group! The first couple of rounds saw the blue team ahead by just a couple of points but in the final round the red team pulled out all their finest moves and shot into first place. After three rounds blue team finished with a respectable score of 142 while red team achieved an amazing score of 203 – the highest score every reached at Creative Cafe!

After the friendly competiton the group gathered around to enjoy a cuppa and a well deserved break!

What the group say about Kurling:

“Great fun! I really enjoy being part of a team and Kurling gives a good opportunity for gentle exercise and friendly competition… even losing is fun!” – Frances

“The social aspect and friendly competition gets everyone together” – Doreen

“Kurling is a different sort of exercise. Its great for your concentration and is a good laugh” – Lesley

If you want to join us for Kurling or see what else is happening at Creative Cafe why not pop along to our friendly group on a Monday morning?

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