Proud to be Dementia Friends

On Monday 20th June we welcomed Independent Arts’ Project Manager Hannah Griffiths to Creative Cafe to talk to the group about Dementia Friends. Hannah started us off with a fun exercise, before opening up a discussion about what it is like to live with dementia and turn that understanding into action.

The Dementia Friend talk concluded with the group proudly sporting their Dementia Friend badges and sharing ideas on how they would put their new-found knowledge to good use. From getting touch and staying in touch with someone they know living with dementia to volunteering for an organisation that helps someone with dementia it was great to hear proactive ideas that would help those living with the condition.

The session was well received and comments from participants included “very enlightening” and “a useful session that has given me a lot to think about”

If you would like more information about Creative Cafe, Independent Arts or Dementia Friend Information Sessions please give us a shout by calling 01983 822437 or emailing



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