Music & Movement prompts laughter and fun

On Monday 11th July we welcomed Emma Connor to Creative Cafe to deliver a taster Music& Movement session with the group. Emma’s ethos is that there is no ‘right’ way to be in sessions and values each individual’s contribution.  A variety of props ranging from feathers, scarves, streamers and balloons, were used to add vibrancy to the session while classic Motown tunes provided us with the melodies and rhythm to move to. After a gentle warm up the group participated in a ‘call and response’ exercise that enabled them to share movements, ranging from simple stretches to twirls and classic dance moves. Inevitably this prompted lots of laughter! The wonderful thing about the session is that it was so inclusive, whether you were seated or were standing their were moves to suit each person’s ability.

Dancing and laughter works up a thirst and once the group settled down with a much deserved cuppa and a biscuit they chatted animatedly about the session.

“I have arthritis and get very stiff. That helped me enormously – really loosened the joints! I’m new here at Creative Cafe and didn’t know what to expect. It was nice to be part of a group and I will definitely be back!”

“That was great fun! It really brought everybody together and was so nice to see so many happy faces and hear everyone laughing. Let’s do it again…”

We look forward to welcoming Emma back to Creative Cafe in the autumn for another fun-filled session!

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