Writing Moments from Your Life Part 1

Last week we enjoyed a wonderful first Writing Moments from Your Life session at Creative Cafe. The workshop was well attended and everybody got stuck in with the exercises.Over the next few weeks I look forward to sharing some snippets from the group.

FullSizeRender copy 2

A Computer Expert in Training by Margaret

My grandson gave me an old laptop and advised me to get online and be a ‘with it’ Granny. I did as he said and at a cost of £55 had the internet installed and then sat down to be a computer expert… That was one year ago now and I still don’t know how to use it! I purchased a tablet and have had several lessons with Age UK. I’ve also had six lessons with the council. In fact I’ve got a certificate to say that I’ve completed the course so I should know what I’m doing!

Mr Jolly’s Birthday by Dee

Mr Jolly was my history teacher at school. He was bald and I thought he was pretty old too – people of 40 looked ancient to a 14 year old! I heard that his birthday was in two days time and wanted to get him a present. Giggling as an idea crept in mind I scurried off to the shop and bought a big black comb then removed all the teeth before wrapping it in pretty paper. Then I bought a tin of Pal (dog food) which claimed to ‘prolong an active life’… ideal! The birthday arrived and our class walked into our history classroom where I presented the gifts as we all sand Happy Birthday. His face was a picture and he obviously took the joke very well as I wasn’t punished. We didn’t do much in history class that day either. Result!

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