Silk Painting has beautiful results

The participants at Creative Cafe were delighted when I told them that we would be holding a silk painting session in August as they are always keen to try their hand at new activities! We were extremely fortunate to have Sarah Evans from Silk’n’Stuff introduce the group to the art of silk painting.

So the group could get started promptly, and with only a hour to create their pieces, Sarah had already prepared the frames with a variety of designs to choose from. After a demonstration of how to apply the paint to the silk, the ladies selected their chosen designs and set to work. They learned how to create patterns and textures within the paint by adding salt.

Once they were happy with their pieces it was time to apply heat using a hairdryer to dry and ‘fix’the paint. Looking around Creative Cafe that Monday morning gave me a real buzz of joy – it was like walking around a bustling art studio while the ladies created their pieces. Everybody talked animatedly about the silk painting session and have requested another!   We look forward to welcoming Sarah back to Creative Cafe later in the year.

If you, or someone you know would like to join in at Creative Cafe, please do get in touch with us at Independent Arts.

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