Autumnal Creative Cafe Crafts

Autumn is such a beautiful season isn’t it? We’ve been lucky with the weather here on the Isle of Wight through September and October, and have enjoyed an abundance of bright sun-drenched days which have highlighted the trees losing their leaves in shades of red, orange and yellow.  Even those misty mornings with the light fog hanging in the air are spectacular enhancing the beauty of the landscape around us.

This autumn we’ve enjoyed a range of activities at Creative Cafe including chair based movement, New Age Kurling, iPads, digital photography and art & craft.

Autumn was certainly the inspiration behind the Art & Craft session held at the beginning of October. Using a range of materials the group created felt poppies, decorated poems with stunning replicas of autumn leaves, acorns and berries, felt bookmarks, and wall hangings. The iPads came in handy too, providing ideas and further inspiration for poetry and autumn scenes.

Art & Craft sessions at Creative Cafe always produce such wonderful results and it’s wonderful to see the group leaving with their beautifully crafted items. As winter approaches we will be using the season and the fast approaching Christmas period as inspiration for our Art & Craft sessions in November and December. Other sessions will include Aromatherapy, Photography, Qigong and Mindfulness. Watch this space for the new programme!

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