Writing Moments…

Shared by participants at Creative cafe during a Writing Moments from Your Life session:

My First Bike

We’re here in this small shop selling bikes ans things, in a quiet road just off the Elephant and Castle. I liked the look of the little red one. “Have you got enough money for that one Dad?” I ask hopefully. He said yes! Now I’ve got a bike of my very own I have to be brave and sit on it. Leaving the shop, I climbed on to my new red bike. The road is empty and quiet and I’m glad because I’m frightened I shall fall off. “you will hold on very tight won’t you?” I ask. “course I will” he replied. I press down on the pedals, wobbly at first but soon I’m whizzing along. Then I notice my father isn’t holding on any more! I can cycle all on my own. Here I come, London!


Fairy Cycle

Dad took me to the shop that sold a lot of bikes, and I became the proud owner of a fairy cycle! Choosing a quiet lane outside our house, I took my first ride with Dad holding the back of the saddle and assuring me that I was safe. “You won’t let go!?” I called to my father some good way along. No reply! “I left off holding you some time ago” said dad.

I was now a cyclist, and I was for so many more years.

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