Creative Writing: Magic Box

The group at Creative Cafe were delighted to welcome Ann Emery along for another wonderful Creative Writing session. The theme was the ‘Magic Box’, inspired by the poem written by Kit Wright. (If you’re not familiar with the piece you can find it in the book Cat Among the Pigeons published by Penguin. Using this theme offers a superb way to introduce new or nervous writers to poetry.

The Creative Writing session was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we are delighted that one of our participants was eager to share her poem with us.

An Introduction

What to put in my box…anything goes, she said

A portrait of an angel, the duvet from my bed,

The theme had to be magic, include my hopes and dreams

A memory or feeling perhaps, from my childhood or teens.


So, here it goes, I will give it a try

Though I’m a little anxious and unsure

Of finding the key to unlocking the magic

That lurks beyond the solid, foreboding door.


Magic Box by Lee Doherty

I will place in my box a picture of Cliff

His warm smile and music, the ultimate gift.


I will put into my box a slender, cool length of fine, gold chain,

Letting it trickle through my fingers like cold, droplets of rain


I will put into my box the aroma of fish and chips

Memories wrapped in newspaper of broken relationships


I will put into my box a warm, serene scene

With seagulls squawking and reeling overhead

And kids licking away at their candy-topped ice-creams


I will put into my box, Tibbles my old cat

His adorable meow, how I now miss the comforting sound of that


I will put into my box the soothing lullaby sounds

Of majestic waves lightly slapping timbers of the great boats they have found


A harbour glittering at twilight, the stealing of a daring kiss,

Promises made in earnest, the magic spell impossible to resist.



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