A Spring Roundup

With the arrival of some warmer, brighter weather, it has been wonderful to see some new faces at Creative Cafe over the past few weeks. The group have been busy with art & craft, creative writing, photography, iPads and yoga.

During the craft session, the group created some beautifully decorated plant pots, with freesia seeds buried beneath the soil. Creativity has also been in abundance at our creative writing sessions with the following pieces being shared with the group:

Inside My Survival Box by Frances – Creative Cafe March 2017

Books, pens, paper

Warmth from the sun

Silver gleams of moon and stars

In my Survival Box.

Friendship, memories of loving

People. Days gone by and

Days to come

In my survival box.

Sight and the phone

Ringing. Bread and cheese

Sunshine, blue skies, green fields

In my survival box

Trees blossoming, winter

Bare branches, wonderful skyline

Being busy – wanted – needed

In my survival box


Magic  – what does it mean to you? by members of the Creative Cafe, March 2017

A mystery of long ago

Deep and dark, not understood

Something – extraordinary

Full of characters, strange to us.

Magic – stupid stuff

Tricks on stage and that

Man in a tall hat – performing

But where do the doves come from?

Purity of childhood

A moment of beauty

Secret Islands, mystical lands

Magic – I don’t believe it.



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