“We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words.” – John Fowles

Last month at Creative Cafe, the group enjoyed a Creative Writing session run by one of our talented practitioners Ann Emery. The group tried their hand at poetry writing with the theme ‘Time’ at it’s heart.  For some, this was their first time putting pen to paper and the results were astonishing!

The group worked together bouncing ideas around the table and created two fantastic pieces of writing. The first poem was inspired by listening to the classic song ‘Catch a Falling Star’. The poem is titled ‘Putting in my Pocket’. The second poem is titled ‘The Colours of Time’.


Putting in my Pocket

That embroidered Majorca handkerchief,

Little dog Max

One photograph of my complete family

My crochet hook

Pen and paper

Small book of words

The twinkle of my daughter’s eye

My mother’s smile

A pocketful of time

Written by members of the Creative Cafe,  July 2017


The Colours of Time

Yellow and gold

Romantic walks on harbour wall,

Ancient ships rocking to the

Rhythm of our hearts, promises

Made within the magic of

The moment.

Rainbow bright

Colouring in the days,

Celebratory carnival of life,

Children playing on the beach

Living it up – before it is all

Too late


Repetitive, like a wind up

Gramophone, meandering and

Swaying along, remembering

Other places, and seagulls, making

Strange noises


Walking, through fields, woods

Wild flowers, showers of rain

Rustling leafy hedges, till leaning

On a gate, one

Panoramic view.


Night time, disturbed nights,

Waking too early. Listening to

Cats fighting, and somewhere, 

Lemon and dark sugar mixed

Bitter sweet.


Odourless, till we give it a reason

To come alive. Days, nights, arching

Across the sky. Stretch too long or

Shrink too short – can you

Tell the time yet?

Created by participants at  the Creative Cafe July 2017