Time & Tide comes to Creative Cafe

Independent Arts are running a new project, Time & Tide. Funded by Arts Council England, Time & Tide positively celebrates the Isle of Wight’s ageing community and our natural and cultural heritage.

Through partnership with Age UK, Southern Housing Group, local museums and galleries, Time & Tide offers older people an exciting island-wide programme including creative workshops, museum visits, and pop-up exhibitions and touring collections to inspire and engage older people.

Of course as part of Independent Arts it was only right that Creative Café became part of Time & Tide and March was the month. As part of the ‘In The Footsteps Of Giants’ module of T&T our participants had the chance for a trip out to Dinosaur Isle in Sandown. The first ever CC field trip!!

After loading up the minibus the group spent a great hour at the museum being given a guided tour of all the exhibitions, taking plenty of photos on our iPads as they went.

Full of enthusiasm from all they had seen and learned at Dinosaur Isle the CC participants then had the chance to get creative, and dirty!!!

Artist Neil Treagar joined the Café for two weeks to run a pottery masterclass on all things prehistoric and the results were quite something!! The participants had a great time creating an array of different creatures which were then taken away to be fired in Neils kiln. They were painted on their return.

Dino PotteryDino pottery 2

The pottery workshops were followed up by another great session on the iPads, editing & printing the photos taken at Dinosaur Isle, and this concluded our month of Time & Tide. Watch this space though!!! Time & Tide will make it’s return in the summer.


Time & Tide is running community Heritage Cafe sessions in the Island Libraries throughout the year. For more information on Time & Tide and how you can get involved please follow the link to our website.



So what’s new?

After a ‘blog break’ we have plenty of catching up to do!!!

Christmas saw our CC participants enjoying a Crafty Christmas Party with the lovely Marilyn.  The music jingled away in the background whilst the participants made some lovely Christmas baskets full of shimmer & shine. Of course mince pies a plenty were enjoyed by all!

CC Xmas Crafts 2.jpg

In January the CC participants turned their hands to textiles. A two week course gave them time to complete some beautiful pieces using various sewing techniques and machine skills. Mandy Bangerter, our textiles expert, will be back to the Café soon.

The next few weeks saw the return of photography, Mindful Chair Yoga and crafting with Marilyn. A very interesting Singing for Breathing taster session was followed by Tai Chi. It proved very interesting and was the quietest the group had ever been!!!!

More to come…………