A Busy Year!

It’s been a very busy year for Creative Café, and pottery wasn’t the only Time & Tide project that the participants undertook! Textiles artist Mandy Bangerter teamed up with the Café to produce an unusual project, in which participants painted a 5-metre high sail. The sail is now proudly on display at the Classic Boat Museum’s boatyard in Cowes.


Time & Tide also inspired some of our Christmas sessions, with members of the Café making decorations inspired by the projects. These adorned the Independent Arts entry in the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival, and the tree was much admired by all!

2019 has seen the introduction of some new sessions, including an Independent Living presentation, an internet safety workshop, crochet and knitting sessions, and needlepoint. There have also been some old favourites such as movement and curling.

Creative Café has been grateful to receive a grant from Asda to purchase some sewing machines, and are once again working with Mandy Bangerter on some dinosaur based textiles banners, which will be displayed at Dinosaur Isle later in the year!



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